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Owen Kinser

     Owen Kinser has been involved as a student and supporter of the Center of Nonviolent Communication since Fall 2005. His introduction to the process began at the 2005 National Convention to create a U.S. Department of Peace in Washington D.C.  Owen’s study of NVC includes a 9 Day NVC International Intensive Training led by Marshall Rosenberg, John Kinyon and Gregg Kendrick. Along with many trainings he has completed with NVC Certified Trainer John Kinyon, Owen has attended various workshops with Kelly Bryson, Jeff Brown and Raj Gill.

     In the Fall of 2006, Owen and fellow facilitator J Kendel Johnson led his first training with a 12-week study group of Marshall's book, "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life", at the Dallas Peace Center. Since then, Owen has facilitated workshops and intro talks at various organizations including two summers, partnering with Devie Richards and her group Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance (SGLA) leading a Compassionate Communication Training for 17 - 24 year old aspiring young leaders.

      Owen is passionate and excited about how Compassionate Communication has transformed lives, including his own, and the ability to foster and heal connections between people. In 2007, he established the Fort Worth Center for Compassionate Communication, whose purpose is to facilitate study/practice groups and spread awareness of Compassionate Communication based on work by Marshall Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication in the DFW area. He’s grateful of the continued expansion of this work through the DFW area and Texas with his partners, Taylor, Bren, Scott and J.


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Owen Kinser