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Taylor Duvall
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Communication Coaching, Training, Mediation Services

Learn 4 tools to empowerment: How to diminish your distructive emotions, make clear requests to meet your resolutions and embody skills to stay calm during difficult conversations:

  • S.T.O.P.- Stop Taking Others Personally exercise identifies where the conflict begins (internally) and lowers your reactive patterns.
  • Intensity Practice - Reduce your personal 'triggers' or 'buttons'
  • IMP - Internal Mediation process to decyfer what you really want.
  • OFNR - A 4-step communication process to easily be heard or understood and to understand. You can remember it on your hand!

Trainers have shared these tools succesfully in prisons, offices and homes in over 77 countries for the last 40 years. See more info at www.nvcmediation.com

Areas of Assistance

  • Conflict Management & Resolutions in Businesses or Organizations
  • Corporate Communication or Social Media Crisis Management Consultant
  • Groups, Familes or Individual Issues
  • Family Diputes dealing with Law Enforcement or the Judicial System


Presenter: National Afterschool Association 2012 & ADR Luncheon Dallas Bar Association 2009

Facilitator: 10th Annual Meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance 2010

Bio: Ms Duvall hosts a national, online Book Study & Author Interview series, produces Corporate Communication Videos and is a Social Media Strategist. A Communicaton Specialist and Center for Nonviolent Communication Certification Candidate, she has lead or assisted at over 30 residential or weekend communication trainings throughout the US over the last 5 years. The Center for Nonviolent Communication presently has 302 trainers in 77 countries.

Taylor received a BA in Communications at the University of Southern California and has a Masters Certificate in Business Administration (Sports and Entertainment) at the University of Dallas. Taylor has British and American citizenship and currently resides in Dallas, TX.

"Walk towards conflict, understand the root of it and there are many calm solutions waiting! "